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BecksLivesHealthy Q&A Part 2


Happy Thursday! I started typing up a post on Instagram introducing myself to some of my new followers and answering my story questions, but it got too long and wouldn’t fit so I decided to type up a blog post instead!

Let me know if you guys wanna see more of these posts- I’ll keep putting them together if you do!

  • How old are you?
    • I’m 29 years old.


  • Do you have any siblings?
    • I’m the oldest of 4 kids— my sister Katie lives in Hawaii, my other sister Jaime recently moved to San Francsico, and my brother Danny lives in Connecticut (Jaime and Danny are twins)!

Christmas 2017 with Danny and Jaime

Diamond Head Hike in Oahu with Katie!


  • What are your favorite shows on Netflix?
    • Grey’s!!! (I could watch those episodes over and over), Friday Night Lights (when it was on Netflix), and I just finished 13 Reasons Why (SO good)!


  • How do you structure your runs?
    • I leave that up to my running coach! I’ve been working with Relentless Runners during this training cycle.

Repping the Relentless Runners’ Crop!

  • What supplements do you use regularly?
    • I’ve recently added in the Isagenix pre-workout and post-workout supplements, as well as meal replacement shakes to have on the go! Message me if you want more info on them!


  • I really want to add running into my routine, where do I start?
    • I actually just wrote a blog post on running tips for beginners. Click HERE to check it out!


  • What’s your favorite running sports bra?
    • I really like Zensah’s running bras!! I have my favorite one linked on my SHOP MY FAVORITES page! 


  • What’s your go-to meals for lunch and dinner?
    • Lately I’ve been making turkey wraps for lunch with a side of bell peppers and hummus or egg white veggie omelettes with a side of avocado toast! Mhm! Dinner usually is a chicken and veggie stir fry or sweet potatoes with chicken and another veggie!


  • How do you stay so motivated with your training?
    • Trust me I am not always motivated. I hate hearing the alarm though so I just get up as soon as it goes off because I don’t want to hear it again, haha! Also, i know that if I don’t run in the AM, then it won’t get done. I also try to have a really good playlist made and try to get outside for the sunrise to give me something to look forward to!  I also try to schedule runs with friends to keep me accountable! 

Views like this help motivate me to get out the door!

Let me know if you guys have any more questions! xoxo!