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Move With Strength


An 8 week functional strength training guide for runners.

MOVE WITH STRENGTH is my new functional strength training guide for runners or anyone looking to strength train for movement. It’s comprised of full body gym workouts. You’ll be able to work your upper body, lower body, and core 3 times a week! A mobility program is also included to help with injury prevention. The workouts are intended to take no more than 30- 45 minutes and will progressively get harder each week. The guide includes over 50 pages of content!

The Program:

  • 8 Weeks
  • 3 Full Body Workouts / Week (includes upper body, lower body, and core)
  • Warm-up with cardio intervals and resistance bands
  • 1-2 Mobility Days/ Week


  • 8 weeks of full body workouts and mobility work
  • Over 50 pages of content
  • Step- by- step instructions on how to follow the guide
  • Recommendations on how to balance running & strength training
  • Full access to me via email
  • Tons of BecksLivesHealthy motivation along the way!

The workouts in this guide are all full body workouts to provide better stability, strength, endurance, and help with injury prevention.

This guide is designed to work in progressive phases – each week the workouts will get harder and harder!

MOVE WITH STRENGTH is designed for those who are somewhat comfortable in the gym and have some background of fitness knowledge. I will be available via email to answer any questions on modifications as well as how to structure your runs with these workouts.