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5 Expectations for Your New Fitness Journey


When trying something new, you just have to start somewhere. Everyone does! In fact, did you know Bill Gates (founder Microsoft), Michael Dell (founder Dell), and Jeff Bezos (founder Amazon) all started their multi-billion dollar companies in their garages? Mind blowing, right? They started where they were with what they had.


So, what does this have to do with you and your fitness journey? Simply put, every fitness journey starts somewhere. Just like these successful billionaires, every fitness model, nutritionist, and athlete started at the beginning. When it comes to your new fitness journey, it’s important to realize that you’re no different. You must start at the beginning. But, setting realistic and appropriate expectations will help you progress quicker, while enjoying the ride!


The sooner you set these expectations for yourself, the sooner you’ll enjoy the process and experience the results you’re looking for! 

What Are Expectations and Why Do They Matter?

By definition, expectations are “the feeling or belief that something will or should happen.” When expectations are mismanaged or misunderstood, chaos likely arises. At best, you’re left with hurt feelings and disappointments. At worst, you might make costly mistakes that are hard to recover from.


So clearly, expectations matter.  Setting realistic expectations for yourself helps you reach your goals in a timely, efficient, and safe manner, while also preventing disappointment. And at the same time, expectations serve as intrinsic motivation to keep you going!


5 Expectations for Your Fitness Journey

Setting expectations for your fitness journey is the best place to start. Here are 5 realistic expectations for you to keep in mind:


Allow Yourself Time– Recognize that your fitness journey will take time. You won’t reach your goals overnight and that’s okay! Allow yourself the time to make slow, small changes. Because before you know it, these small changes will add up to big successes.


Everyone Starts as a Beginner- Just like Bill, Michael, and Jeff, you will start as a beginner. No one is immune to starting at the beginning! Keep this in mind as you slowly introduce yourself to new routines, workouts, and activities. Challenge yourself, without pushing yourself too hard. Give yourself grace!


Stay Dedicated– Being committed to your goals will keep you going, even when your motivation is lacking. Try to identify your “why”.” That is, why you decided to begin this fitness journey in the first place. On the days you just don’t feel like it (and those days WILL come), remind yourself of your goals, and more importantly, your “why.” 


What You Eat is Just as Important- While your physical fitness is an important marker in your journey, so is your diet. In addition to working out your body, make it a priority to eat whole, nutrient-rich foods. Aim to make one, small dietary change at a time. For example, swap out soda for sparkling water or stick to only ONE cup of coffee in the morning. The sooner you do, the sooner you’ll reach your goals. Trust me on this one!

Balance is Key- At the end of the day, this is arguably the most important expectation to set for yourself. Balance is the key to consistency, progression, and ultimately, success. Without a healthy balance, your fitness journey can quickly leave you feeling unmotivated and drained- mentally and physically. However, with an appropriate balance, you’re new lifestyle will be sustainable in the long-term.


Starting a fitness journey might sound challenging, or even intimidating. But, it is well-worth it! Use these expectations to guide you throughout your fitness journey. Jot them down, stick them on the fridge, or save them in your phone. Refer to them as often as needed to serve as a gentle reminder to keep going!