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Happy Thursday Friends!

Instagram just rolled out with it’s new “questions” feature! I found myself spending WAY too much time on there the past two days answering questions. I received a lot of similar ones so I figured I would put together a fun blog post to answer them for you all! =)

I received all types of questions asking about fitness, running, what I eat in a day, my age (I’m 29!!!), where I’m from, why I moved to CA, how long I’ve been dating Rob, and then silly ones from my family and friends (those made my day). 

Let me know if you guys wanna see more of these posts- I’ll keep putting them together if you do! 

What are your favorite exercises for running strength?

I actually just put together a workout sharing my favorite strength moves for runners! I shared them on my stories and the Liquid IV stories a few weeks ago. I was planning on sharing this in another post but I’ll share it here too for anyone interested:

BecksLivesHealthy Runner Focused Strength Training Workout

Most of this workout can be done at home. I added in some weights and bands, but most of it can be done with little or no equipment. I kept it pretty simple to show you guys that you don’t need to be doing crazy workouts to make you a stronger for race day! This workout will activate your glutes, hamstrings, quads, back, arms and core—  everything you need as a runner to maintain your form. After working with Relentless Runners the last few months I  have learned to make my HARD running days HARD and EASY running days EASY— so give this workout a try 2x week after your hard track or tempo runs. Based on how much time you have do 2-3 rounds of the exercises below

1. Bird dogs: 15 each side

2. Squat press: 15

3. Reverse lunges: 12 total (6 each leg)

4. Burpees: 12

5. Stiff legs: 10

6. Lateral band walking exercise: 10 steps each way

7. Plank/ commando plank: 30 sec hold followed by 30 secs of commando plank

Let me know if you give this workout a try!

How often do you take rest days?

I  have two built in rest days in my marathon training plan! However, if my body needs more then I listen to it and take an additional one if needed. On my rest days I try to make sure I take time for foam rolling, stretching, and maintenance work!

What does your typical workout week look like?

I shared last week in a blog post my typical week of workouts- my running schedule is going to change a bit because of the knee pain I’ve been experiencing but this is what it’s looked like up until this point:

Monday: Easy/ recovery run, mobility/maintenance, strength

Tuesday: Tempo, hills, or speed work

Wednesday: Recovery run, strength training

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Recovery/easy run, strength training

Saturday: Long run

Sunday: Rest

How do you fit in strength training while running long distances?

Even though running is my first priority right now, strength training is super important to me too. I love them both equally and just because I’m training for a marathon it doesn’t mean I have to give up my gym workouts. It just means I need to be smart, cut back a little, and listen to my body. I try to do most of my runs before the gym now. Sometimes it doesn’t work out this way because of my schedule and the time of the classes at the gym….so you may see me working out at 5am followed by a run (which will only be an easy or recovery run—never hard runs). I wake up by 5am everyday so that I can fit in both workouts before my busy day begins. I wish I  could run in the morning then head to the gym later on to lift, but I  typically loose motivation as the day goes on, so I rather just do them both in the morning!

What do you usually eat before/after your workouts? Do you usually have three meals day and a snack?

RUN + GYM-  Go Macro bar (Everlasting Joy and Blueberry Cashew Butter are my FAVS), 1/2 banana, and Nuun. 

RUN (less than 12 miles)- Go Macro bar, 1/2 banana, and Nuun. 

GYM (no run)- Rise Bar & my pre-workout drink.

LONG RUN (greater than 12 miles)- 1/2 cup oats mixed with water, 1 tbsp peanut butter, 1/2 banana, & Nuun drink.

I just want to make a point and say this is what I usually have, but sometimes it changes based on my workout, hunger levels, etc. I try to have more carbs pre/post workout to help fuel my workouts and replenish the muscle glycogen burned during the workout or run.

I try to listen to my body and hunger signals too- but I have found I do need to eat something, even if it’s small, before my workouts because I’ll end up being hungry.

I also wanna make another point to say this is what works for me and my body– it may not work for you! We’re all different and that’s why it’s important to find what makes you feel the best before and after your workouts. 

Typical day of eating:

  • Pre-workout snack
  • Breakfast/coffee
  • Snack (sometimes)
  • Lunch
  • Snack
  • Dinner
  • and sometimes night snack (love halo top and yasso)

What is the best breakfast you have had?

AHHH such a hard question! I think my favorite breakfast was when I was in Australia. We probably had sourdough toast with avocado and eggs everyday. I know it’s like the most basic breakfast but it was amazing every where we went!

Combi Byron Bay

How did you end up in CA from the east coast?

I moved here 4 years ago from Connecticut. My boyfriend at the time moved out here for work so I figured I would join him and work as a travel nurse. I moved about 5 months after him because of the nursing licensure process in the state of California and I had to complete a lot of paperwork and screenings to become a new travel nurse!

Let me know if you guys have any more questions! I’ll try and do this at least once a week based on your Instagram story questions and DMs I receive! xoxo!