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8 Ways to Stay Motivated in the Gym


As we head into March, most places around the country still have about a month left of winter. It’s hard this time of year to stay motivated to get to the gym. It’s cold and dark in the morning so waking up to get a workout in before work can be hard!! Even out here in Southern California we have dark, chilly mornings so I put together a list of ways to help you all stay motivated in the gym! 

8 Ways to Stay Motivated:

1. Cute Workout Clothes and Shoes:

I personally love having new workout clothes or shoes to wear to the gym. I get that financially it’s not always realistic to buy new clothes- but I do like treating myself here and there. Some of my favorite activewear brands are: Lululemon, Calia, Athleta, and Zella by Nordstrom. For lifting my favorite shoes are Nike Metcons. It’s always fun wearing new workout attire to the gym!

2. Write Your Workouts Down:

Buy a journal or a planner….or even use your Google calendar to schedule your workouts for the week! Once you have it written down on paper you can cross it off each day! You can also use a journal to write down how you feel after a workout. Then on the days when you’re feeling a little less motivated, you can take out the journal and read all of the things you have written down previously to help motivate you!

3. Switch Up Your Workouts:

If you’re bored with your same gym routine, switch up your workouts! Add in a group class 1-2x week. Class Pass offers multiple classes and is a great way to try something new! You may end up finding a new class that you really enjoy. Trying new classes is always a little scary at first, but it’s such a great way to step out of your comfort zone and prevent you from getting bored from the same gym routine! Also, if you find yourself dreading the gym, maybe it’s time to switch it up and find somewhere else to workout. Most gyms have a free pass for the first few sessions. Sometimes Groupon even has special deals, that way you don’t have to spend a ton of money trying a new place to see if it’s the right fit.

4. Fitness Inspo:

When I was first getting into a consistent morning gym routine on the west coast, I would hop on my phone first thing in the morning and see everyone on the east coast finishing their morning workout. It always inspired me to get my butt out of bed and to the gym or out the door running! I highly recommend following people who inspire and motivate you on social media. Some of my favorite fitness and wellness accounts include: @whitneyysimmons, @sarahs_day, & @mrs.sweendogg

5. Workout With Friends for Accountability:

Running and working out with friends has always been a HUGE motivator for me. I trained for my first 4 marathons with friends. They were always there to keep me accountable for my 5am workouts or runs and pushed me to become a stronger runner! If you don’t have friends who enjoy working out, that’s ok too! Trying a group fitness class is a great way to make new friends, especially if you have just moved to a new city. I didn’t have any girlfriends when I moved across the country, but through Body One Fitness and the Tone it Up community, I met some of my best friends on the west coast!

6. Have a Goal to Reach For:

Signing up for races has always been a huge motivator for me. But what if you don’t run? Does your gym have any fitness challenges you can join? If not, set up a mini- challenge for yourself! For example, you could aim to get to the gym 5x / week and have a little prize at the end for accomplishing that goal! Remember to set realistic goals though! If you currently workout 2x / week- setting a goal for 6 days / week might be too much at first! Try increasing your workouts to 3x/ week then as you get comfortable with that routine you can always add more! Also, remember to write your goals down so you can revisit them daily!

7. Eat Healthy!

When you eat unhealthy, processed, and high-sugar foods, your body doesn’t get the energy it needs to workout. These foods make you feel tired, sluggish, and unmotivated. Try to eat a balanced diet with plenty of fruit and veggies, and enough carbs, protein, and healthy fats. You’ll feel better with a well rounded nutrition plan and have more energy to crush your fitness goals!

8. Make a Kickass Playlist!

Having a good playlist is always a huge motivator for me to go workout! I’m always so excited when I have new music to listen to! If you’re looking for a new playlist- follow me on Spotify and check out my Winter Training Playlist. I love putting new playlists together!