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How to stay active while traveling


At the end of October I went to Chile with Rob for 10 days. This was probably the longest vacation I’ve ever been on and my first trip where a gym wasn’t easily accessible. In the past it’s always been easy for me to workout at the hotel gym or lace up my shoes for a run on the beach! Running is my favorite way to stay active on vacation. I prefer to run over any other workout because it’s a good way to explore surroundings while getting in a workout!

This trip was a little different than trips I’ve been on in the past. None of the hotels had gyms and it wasn’t possible to run everyday either because of where we were staying. This allowed me to get a little more creative with my workouts. I also didn’t want to spend an hour everyday working out. I really wanted to focus on waking up and doing something quick to move my body before heading off to brunch!

Here’s a breakdown of my workouts during my trip:

Santiago– 4 mile run through the city

Elqui Valley– full body band workout

La Serena– 4 mile beach run/ core exercises

San Pedro de Atacama

HIIT bodyweight workout/ resistance bands

Sunset hike through caves and Valle de la Luna 


5 mile beach run

4 mile beach run

rooftop HIIT workout & hill sprints

Also, lots of walking throughout the city everyday. Valparaiso has a LOT of hills.

Vina del Mar– 4 mile beach run

Run through Santiago

Sunset hike in Valle de la Luna

Run along the beach in Vina del Mar

Tips for staying active while vacationing:

  1. Pack resistance bands, sliders, and a jump rope! If your hotel doesn’t have a gym or area nearby that’s great for running, resistance band and slider workouts are a great way to get in a workout while away! They transport easily so they won’t be taking up a ton of space in your suitcase. A jump rope packs easily as well!
  2. Pack your running shoes. As I mentioned earlier, running is a great way to explore your surroundings. If you don’t enjoy running, that’s ok! Instead of heading out for a morning run, head out for a walk instead! Walk to a brunch spot nearby or go explore the area on foot!
  3. Find restaurants that are in walking distance from your hotel.
  4. Remember that vacations are a good break from your typical workout routine. It’s a good time to focus on easier workouts, resting your body, and enjoying your time away. The weights will be there when you get home. Going a week or two without lifting won’t have any effect on your body anyways. You may even feel stronger once you get home and back in the gym!
  5. Plan activities! Bike rides, hikes, paddle-boarding, etc… there are so many ways to stay active and get in exercise in a different way while away!
  6. Make exercise your vacation by planning a race— this is actually one of my favorite ways to be active while on vacation. I usually try to find races that are in cities that I want to visit. Running a race is a great way to explore a new city!
  7. Stay hydrated- I always pack my Healthy Human Life (BECKYL10 saves 10% on Amazon) stainless steal water bottle for vacation. I always fill it up once I pass through security to make sure I’m staying hydrated throughout my flight. Also, while we were in Chile we took a lot of day trips so I always made sure I filled my water bottle before we set out for our adventures. Sometimes we were in the car driving for hours to the dessert and wine country, where water wasn’t accessible along the way. 
  8. Pack healthy snacks. Healthy snacks might not be easily available depending on where you’re traveling. It’s important to always be prepared for when the hanger kicks in! Here are some snacks that I always pack for vacation:
        • Individual trail mix packs
        • Protein packets (Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides and individual whey protein packs)
        • A variety of nut butter packs
        • Oatmeal cups (my favorites are the new Wild Friends Oats and Nut Butter Cups)
        • Protein and energy bars- Naturally Clean Eats, Go Macro, Rise Bars (BECKY25 for 25% off Rise Bar) are some of my favorites to pack up and take with me!
        • Packets of granola (I usually pack individual granola packs in case there’s yogurt at the hotel breakfast bar or on the flight- I always like to add a little crunch)
        • I usually try to snag fruit (apples, bananas, berries) from the airport or hotel breakfast to have during the day as well- to eat with nut butter or mixed in oats if I’m really hungry
        • Nuun electrolyte tablets– replenish electrolytes lost through sweating while hiking, running, exploring on your travels!

Let me know if you have any questions about the workouts I put together or any other questions! Happy traveling!