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Today I wanted to share some of my favorite “At-Home Gym” equipment with you all. I love going to the gym to lift, but sometimes my work schedule gets in the way and I have to workout at home. It’s so important for me to start my day with a little bit of movement, it’s my ME time before the crazy day begins! Here are some of my favorite pieces of equipment that I have at home! 


  • Probably my most frequently asked question with home gym equipment is about dumbbells. I LOVE this set of dumbbells. They are great quality and I love that you can buy the exact weight sizes that you want!


  • Rolling out your muscles is key for muscle recovery and helping with soreness. I have this one and love it! I try and use this at least a few times a week.


  • Mini bands are SUCH a great home gym essential because they take up no space, they’re inexpensive, and have so many uses! I personally love using them to warmup my lower body. 


  • Mini- Theragun is definitely an investment, but a great tool for recovery! I personally love the mini because I can take it with me on my travels or for race day, plus it takes up no space. 


  • This bosu ball is great for working on core stability and balance. It also helps you elevate any basic exercise like planks, chest press, or burpees!


  • I love that sliders take up no space at all! They’re great to pack in your suitcase for trips or use at home for core or lower body workouts! I have tons of workouts on my Instagram page with sliders- check them out here!


  • A jump rope is another great tool to have in your home gym because it takes up no space and is a great form of cardio!


  • TRX is another tool that takes up no space. It assembles in minutes and easily anchors on the dog. Plus it’s a great way to work your full body! 


  • Mats are great to help with noise reduction, especially if you live in an apartment!


  • Aerobic Step– I love using this for leg day for step ups, glute bridges, etc


  • Adjustable Bench– this one is great because it takes up minimal space!  A bench isn’t always needed, but definitely takes your home workouts to the next level! 


  • Stability Ball– one of my favorite pieces of equipment for core workouts and to add to my strength workouts! 


  • Medicine Ball– another favorite piece of equipment to add to my core workouts. Medicine ball slams are one of my favorite moves!


  • Kettlebell– another great piece of equipment to have for home workouts. There are so many benefits of using kettlebells-  they don’t require a large training space, they help improve strength and power, and help improve core strength and stability. 


  • Water Bottle– Yeti will always be my favorite brand for water bottles! 


I would love to know, do you prefer working out at home or at the gym?!