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7 Ways to Stick with a New Workout Routine


When trying anything new, like a workout routine, it’s easy to feel out of your comfort zone. However, the more consistent you are, the easier it’ll become. For this reason, I’m a huge advocate for consistency.


Consistency not only builds confidence and comfortability, but it also propels you to reach your health goals, safely, successfully, and timely. Here is how you can stick with your new workout routine, seamlessly!


Which Workout Routine is Best for You?

As a certified personal trainer, fitness guru, and avid runner, I firmly believe that cross-training is generally the most beneficial. However, the best workout routine for you will be unique to you!


Various types of workouts will improve health and leave you looking and feeling better than before. But, the main kinds of workouts can be divided into two categories: 1) strength training, and 2) cardiovascular training. Strength and cardiovascular workouts each provide their own benefits, which is why cross-training (AKA utilizing both) is the best option for most individuals. 


That said, it’s important to keep your health, fitness, and performance goals in mind. What is your primary goal? Losing weight? Running a marathon? Staying active with your children? Improving muscle mass? Before determining the best workout routine for you, it’s important to specify your main goal. From here, you can create the most effective workout routine for you and your body!



Ways to Stick to a New Workout Routine

You know what they say: the most challenging part of a workout is just getting started! When taking on a new workout routine, getting started can feel intimidating, overwhelming, and confusing. Luckily, with a few tips and tricks, you can conquer your new workout routine with confidence, convenience, and ease.


Add it to the Calendar– Scheduling your workout in advance is one of the easiest hacks to staying consistent. Just as you wouldn’t ditch a meeting with your boss, you can’t be a no-show for your workout, either. Set this rule for yourself upfront.


Try Morning Workouts- Working out first thing in the morning is ideal for most people, especially those who have demanding, busy lives. Working out before the chaos of the day hits is often the best plan of attack, even if it means waking up 30 minutes early.


Make A Contingency Plan– Every day will not always go as planned. Maybe you overslept or stayed at the office late. I recommend keeping a few workout essentials at home for those days that just seem to get away from you. Use a couple dumbbells, yoga mat, and resistance bands to break a sweat at home!


Be a Realist- Most of us can’t afford to spend hours every day in the gym. So, always work smarter, not harder. Schedule your training splits to save time, while also getting an effective workout in.

What are training splits? Why are they important? 

Training splits are important because they ensure you are working all muscle groups frequently enough to see results while also giving each enough recovery time before working them again. You should give a muscle 48 hours recovery time before working that same muscle again. 

Be honest with yourself about your time and availability. How many days each week do you think you can stick to? 3- then use a full body split. 4 days? Try a push pull split. 5? Push, pull, & legs split. 


Find an Accountability Partner- Let’s be honest, accountability keeps us all more consistent in whatever our goals are. Find an accountability partner to try a new workout routine with you. You’re much more likely to succeed together!


Plan Your Recovery- I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: rest is just as important as your workouts. Plan your rest days, hydration and nutrition, sleep, and mobility/ stretching- all of which will support healthy muscle recovery!



Change Your Perspective– If you’re struggling to stay consistent with your workouts, try changing your mindset. Instead of thinking you have to workout, be thankful you can workout. This perspective shift is huge! When starting your new workout routine, remember: we’ve all been there. Every marathon runner and professional bodybuilder started from the beginning. Staying consistent and keeping with it, even when motivation lacks, is the key to successfully reaching your goals!


If you’re looking for custom guidance in your health and fitness journey, consider hiring a professional to help you reach your goals. As a Certified Personal Trainer, I offer custom workout programs to help my clients identify their main health goals and provide a roadmap to get them there. Click here for more information!