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6 Ways to Stop Playing the Comparison Game



Are you plagued by comparison? 

Truth be told: comparison is a thief of joy. When comparison rules your mind, you’re left with feelings of disappointment, ungratefulness, and jealousy. I don’t know about you, but don’t sign me up for that!

So, how can we cope with the temptations of comparison in the social media world?


6 Ways to Stop Playing the Comparison Game

1. Pinpoint what exactly you’re envious about- Take specific action to feel better about it. For example: take a course in that area of business, read a highly recommended book on the subject, or set aside a chunk of time to focus on improvement. 

2. Accept that everyone struggles with comparison at one point or another- In our largely digital world, comparison is practically inevitable. You’re not alone. Ask your friends and family how to effectively deal with your comparison struggles.  

3. Remember your niche- it can be hard to stick with your specific niche, especially when you’re being distracted by other similar niches. Keep your eyes on the prize.

4. Learn from your competition- Who do you compare yourself to? Why do you compare yourself? Learn from their strategies and actions!

5. Turn jealousy into hope- Comparison quickly leads to feelings of jealousy. Instead, let comparison motivate you and inspire you to do better.

6. Take the focus away from others- Instead of focusing on others, take time to reflect back on yourself. How can you improve your life and business? What steps can you take today?

At the end of the day, comparison accomplishes more harm than good. Do yourself a favor, let go of comparison and just. do. YOU!