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Tips for Navigating Holiday Parties


Are you trying to reach a fitness goal this holiday season?!

I’m all for enjoying dessert and wine during the holidays, but I still have goals to reach so I try not to go overboard. I mean I’m human so of course I go overboard sometimes but I try not to let it happen at every party or get together I go to

If you have a fitness goal you’re trying to reach- it’s still possible to work towards that goal during the holidays. I used to go to holiday parties and binge on everything there. I would overeat the appetizers and by the time dinner came, I was already full! I would also avoid eating too much during the day to stay within my “macros” at a holiday party. That would cause me to just overdo it later. After learning from my mistakes and too many stomach aches- I’ve put together some tips for navigating holiday parties. 

Tips for Navigating Holiday Parties

  1. Bring a dish: Bring a salad, veggie or fruit platter, or healthy side. By offering to bring something this guarantees there will be something healthy to choose from!
  2. Don’t arrive hungry! Enjoy light, but nutrient dense meals earlier in the day! What do I mean by nutrient dense?! Meals with high protein, high fiber carbs, & healthy fats to help keep you full throughout the day. Some examples include: Greek yogurt with fruit and nuts, whole wheat wrap with protein and veggies, or a salad with lean protein. Also, have a protein rich snack before you go: protein shake, apple with nut butter, or some hummus and veggies so you don’t show up starving!
  3. Set a drink limit! I try to limit my alcohol to 2 drinks because I know I wont feel good the next day if I have any more. If you plan on drinking- make sure you’re having plenty of water throughout the party and in between drinks.
  4. Create a healthier version of your favorite dessert to bring! It’s totally okay to treat yourself to goodies at a holiday party, but it’s also fun to create healthier versions of too!
  5. Portion size is everything. You don’t want to skip out on your favorite dishes. Just be mindful of the portions. Enjoy the sweet potato casserole with the marshmallows, but don’t go crazy and eat half of the dish. Make sure you balance them out with some healthier options too! 

Hope these tips helped! Have a wonderful holiday everyone!