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Bedroom Reveal


As many of you may know I hired a designer from Havenly to help me decorate my new apartment. I haven’t lived on my own in 3 years and never really had the chance to decorate my places with new furniture and decor so I signed up for Havenly services to help make my new apartment feel like home. When I moved to California almost 6 years ago I shipped old furniture across the country. I never bought anything new and wanted to save my money for furniture for a house or condo someday. After living on my own out here for a few years I lived with my boyfriends after that. I never really had the chance to decorate how I wanted to. Now that I have my own space again and work from home I wanted my apartment to be cute and cozy. One of my friends recommended Heavenly and I signed up right away for their services.

What is Havenly?

Havenly is basically a virtual interior design company. Everything is done online and shipped to your house.

How Heavenly Works:

First, I had to take a quiz on their website to help me figure out my interior design style. I had no idea what my style was so this process was fun selecting rooms and styles I liked and didn’t like. My style ended up being modern boho. After the style quiz, I was able to set my budget. For both my bedroom and living room I wanted to keep my budget as low as possible.

Next up was selecting my designer. Heavenly shared a ton of different designers based on my style quiz results. I was able to look at their previous designs to help me decide. I ended up picking Alexandra. She was so incredibly wonderful to work with!

I also had to choose my Havenly package. They offer two following design packages: the full and the mini. The full is $129 per room vs the mini is $79 per room. The full package is a more in- depth design process that shows an actual 3-D layout of the room along with a floor plan. where as the mini is better for adding finishing touches to a room- like accessories, art, lighting, curtains, pillows, etc. I decided to go with the full package for my living room and mini for my bedroom. I was lucky enough to have a  discount code from a friend who has used Heavenly before and I have one for you guys now too:

Time to Design!

For my living room I sent over pictures from all angles along with the measurements to Alexandra. I sent over pictures of my bedroom as well. Then I started adding living room and bedroom inspiration photos to my Heavenly Pinterest board and sent it to her when I was done. I also sent photos I found on Instagram and Like to Know It.

From there, Alexandra sent over three concepts and products to choose from for both my living room and bedroom. For my living room, I really like the “Earthy Modern” concept and “Collected Cool.” For my bedroom my favorite was the “Cozy Boho.” Alexandra sent over a ton of different decor items to pick from as well and I went through and piked out the ones I liked and why I liked them.

After I picked out my favorites, Alexandra sent over my designs. I was able to give feedback on the design and ask her to switch anything that I didn’t like. I only made a few minor changes- then she sent over the final designs with links to all the products for me to purchase.

Bedroom Concepts:

Living Room Concepts:

Initial Bedroom Design

Final Bedroom Design

Initial Living Room Design

Final Bedroom 3D Design

Final Bedroom 3D Design 

Time to Shop!

Havenly makes it SO easy to purchase all of the items. They work with over 100 vendors. The majority of my furniture and decor items were from: Target, West Elm, Wayfair, Anthropologie, World Market, and Home Depot. Havenly makes ordering super easy and convienient because you can order all of items directly from the Havenly website! All of the items came pretty quickly after I placed my order. I had an issue with 2 items not showing up and Havenly responded to me email and sent me the products that I was missing right away.

I really enjoyed working with Havenly and the whole design process. I love having a cute and cozy place to call home that’s all mine. 



After photos of the living room- COMING SOON

Everything is linked on my LikeToKnowIt page!