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6 Ways to Start Running Again


Okay, so you’ve put running on the back burner over the last several weeks, months, or maybe even years (like me). There’s no shame in that! But, if you’re ready to get back to your old running self, there are few things to keep in mind to make your running routines safe, healthy, and successful!

As many of you may know I’ve taken a few years off from running. After training for multiple marathons and half marathons, all the miles started taking a toll on my body. I’ve had issues with my knee the last few years and have been focused more on strength training. But I’m finally starting to feel ready to get back out on the pavement again! 

If you’ve been out of the running game for a while, like me, you don’t want to jump back in right where you left off. That can lead to injury and take you out of the running game again. These tips will help you reach your new running goals at a slow, steady, and consistent pace!

  • Start Small

No matter where you left off in your running journey, it’s best to start small and work your way back up to the running routine you’re used to. It’s important to avoid doing too much too soon. Keep your pace and overall distance in check. If you push yourself too hard, you can risk injury, increased soreness, or simply lack of enjoyment. After all, if you’re reading this, you likely want to get back into shape and pursue a healthier lifestyle. Meaning, running should be a long-term goal- not just a short-term fad.

  • Have An Open Mind

Maintain an open mind as you journey back into the world of running. There’s a solid chance you won’t be able to pick up exactly where you left off, and that’s okay. The best thing you can do is be patient with yourself. Consider trying new running workouts or training programs to catch you up to speed. And when in doubt, don’t hesitate to ask a professional for help! 

  • Have a Plan and a Goal

If you’re returning to the world of running, the first step is to establish a plan and goal. You’ve heard it said before: fail to plan and plan to fail. In other words, a plan will set you up for success. So, what’s your running goal? Are you training for a marathon or running event? Maybe you have a weight loss goal in mind? Or do you simply have a newfound love for running? Despite your running goal, it’s essential to create a plan to reach it safely and timely. 

  • Find Inspiration

Starting running from scratch can feel intimidating and sometimes overwhelming. An effective way to fight these negative feelings is to find inspiration. Why have you decided to lace up the old running shoes? Similar to setting your goal, determine your why. Keep your inspiration in the forefront of your mind. Consider taping a photo to your bathroom mirror or refrigerator door as a daily reminder! 

  • Find an Accountability Partner 

One of the best ways to conquer any new challenge or goal is to find an accountability partner. Your accountability partner, or running buddy, should be someone who has similar goals as you and is willing to keep you accountable to them- even when times get tough. Who can be that kind of accountability partner for you?

  • Cross Training 

Cross training can be extremely beneficial to runners. Essentially, it means participating in various types of training (ie. strength training, spinning, mobility, yoga, etc).  The goal with cross training is to use all methods of training to improve overall performance. In this case, running performance. 

In my opinion: once a runner, always a runner. However, it just might take a little time, intentionality, and patience to get back into running shape. And these tips will help you get there!

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